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Our products have directly impacted well over 100,000 customers in 132 countries around the world and counting!

Over 127,000 lives impacted

A proven track record

This business system was developed over 10 years ago & embodies a global community of like minded men and women who are passionate about assisting individuals with the teachings of our proven business system and Personal Growth principles. 

I come from a Pilates teacher back ground. I always need to work a flexible schedule no matter what I do. Flexibility isn't enough when you have a family of 4 and a strong travel bug!! I also needed a  business to fit my flexible schedule. This business is exactly that. So we decided to take our family with the business on a 3 month trip to Australia and South East Asia. I have to pinch myself that this is my reality now. A business that is truly flexible!!

Kristine Bene

"From the moment I got started here I've been provided with so much training and support. Being among a community of like minded people has tremendously assisted me in creating shifts in so many areas of my life. And as a new mom I feel blessed that I get to run a successful business on a flexible and part time schedule".

Lise Reitsma


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Worlds Most Lucrative Global Online Business Expanding in Canada

Let's first hear from Rachel - Company Co-Owner

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Ike Chukuka

HI I'M IKE, and this is my family. and I'm excited to share with you a World Class Lucrative Global Online Turn-Key Business solution that enabled me to do something I love and be extremely Profitable doing it.

I'm an African Canadian, my wife is Canadian and my little girl, Neriah, was born in Canada. 

Our business allows us to live where we choose to live, travel and explore the world in a way that I only could have dreamed about as a kid. 

Our travels have taken us from Canada to Cuba, South America, right throughout Europe & the States.  It's been an epic adventure! My little girl, who's 11 can count to 10 in three languages and has more stamps on her passport than most adults. 

I'm passionate about working with motivated men and women who want to create this level of freedom and flexibility in their own lives. You don't have to travel to the extent  we do. Most of the people I work with are grounded in one spot most of the time, but they all have one thing in common. 

To create an extraordinary life filled with choices. 

This shot was taken in Canada We spent sometime exploring and travelling through this spectacular part of the world."Having an online business means that when we travel my business doesn't miss a beat"

Here we are spending time with our amazing daughter. "Being your Own Boss means I dont have to ask for time off and no longer missing out on precious family moments like these" 

"We can change our future only when we change our thinking".

Fun times celebrating my wife's b'day. "Time Freedom and Flexibility to run my business when it suits me and around my family commitments"

THE PROBLEM THAT LED ME HERE: As a Coach and a mentor the vast majority of people we spoke to were not living the life they truly deserve or desire, and I certainly wasn't a demonstration of that either. I loved being a coach, mentor, leader in assisting others in achieving their goals but I wasn't getting paid what I was worth or being financially rewarded for the years of experience of knowledge that I had.

THE BUSINESS THAT WAS A BUST: As a Business Owner I understood the limitation of "Time to Money Relationship" and the physical limitations of a Traditional Business model and that the traditional business model was not a scalable solution. Everyday we have a choice to continue down the rabbit hole of the traditional or take advantage of current opportunities to Re-Invent ourselves to be "Self Reliant" & "Self Sustainable" in the global online World.
With the Future of business going online, if you are not online you are not thriving in business, the traditional bricks n mortar business model is out-dated.

THE BUSINESS THAT WAS A BOOM: We are facing the new "Roaring Twenties" . This is a time for growth, expansion and to set up the foundations to create MASSIVE FINANCIAL SUCCESS! There are so many opportunities to support us now in the reconstitute of  finances in all areas of our life.
But how do you Restart? How do you set up your Exit Strategy to create the life of Time Freedom, Flexibility and Get Paid What YOUR Worth on your own terms?

 Become part of a non-traditional business in times when non-traditional may be the only way forward...

. Plug into a Proven & Successful Business System
. Coaching, Training & Mentoring from Successful Business owners already getting the results
. A Scalable Business & Compensation Plan
. Start the the Top Opportunity
. A Business that is Counter Cyclical and thrives in any economy
. Low Risk to Reward Ratio
. Time to Money Relationship

Our Lucrative income plan can assist you to achieve your financial goals & lifestyle dreams. This is not a "Get Rich Quick" Scheme, but a high-tech business structure with fully developed websites, marketing, step by step support and training. Lucrative & Legitimate Business with Low start up costs compared to a traditional & out-dated business and without all the risks associated with traditional business. Opportunity for huge profits paid directly to you, minimal overheads & no inventory of stock.

This is not something for nothing and like all businesses you will have to do the work, a business will only work if you do but you can definitely fast track your success.

We'll supply you with the simple yet complete Turn-Key Business Model, all of the Training, and we will help you establish your goals. You will, however, need to supply the desire, motivation and willingness to learn, and have a real passion for wanting a huge change - personally & financially in your life!

If this is YOU then Reach Out To Us TODAY

Ike Chukuka